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Dr. Rasmus Tenbergen is Executive Director of the Institute for Leadership Development and specialist for the Harvard Concept of Principled Negotiation. He studied political science and public administration at the Free University of Berlin and at Harvard University concentrating on Negotiation analysis. In 1998, he won the first prize in an internal Harvard Negotiation Competition. From 1996 - 1997, he was co-opted by former Chancellor Helmut Kohl to the national board of the governing party (CDU) in Germany. Since 2000, he has been lecturer in Negotiation, Mediation, Political Advocacy and Leadership at the Universities of Bonn and Erfurt. He works as a trainer and consultant for companies, foundations and public institutions. More information on:
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Top-Ten-Negotiator is an international brand. More than 50% of our events are conducted in English. At the moment, the English part of the website is under construction. The following elements are available for a first impression: Essay on Negotiation Essay on Mediation Note Information on the Trainer
Edward A. Parson Associate Professor of Public Policy Harvard University “I wish to confirm that Mr. Rasmus Tenbergen was a student in my course, “Negotiation Analysis”, at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, in the fall of 1997. Mr. Tenbergen received the highest score in the class on scored negotiation exercises, a measure of his practical success in the negotiations.”
“The negotiation training by Dr. Tenbergen is already well known in all important fleet sales markets in our Overseas Region and the seats in his training courses are booked out quickly. We receive always a very positive feedback by all training participants - the comment of the sales manager of one of our key markets in the Middle East region is more than remarkable, as negotiation skills in this region are the key success factor in their business culture -…best training ever in more than 20 years experience in the automotive industry…” Paul-Christian Otto Mercedes-Benz Cars Region Overseas Business Development Fleet Sales
“Negotiation Competition is an effective instrument to measure not only the success of negotiation but also to show how the negotiation skills can be improved continuously. It builds group dynamics, the related motivation and can be done with lots of fun“. Kristina Sisyuk, Power and Gas, Procurement, Strategy and Programs, Siemens AG
"Rasmus Tenbergen is one of the three best coaches that I have experienced in many trainings. A Top Training!" Dr. Matthias Schwenke, Zentrum Wholesale Business Deutschland, Leiter Vertriebssteuerung, Telekom Deutschland GmbH
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